Wit slimfit overhemd met vogelprint Harvey HBD Marnelli


Beautiful Marnelli Sartoria White slim fit shirt with bird print Harvey HBD in the color White 304. A real Italian Slimfit with Hidden Button Down Shirt!

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Marnelli Mens White slim fit shirt with bird print Harvey HBD

Article: Marnelli Sartoria PM222-5 17,304,304 White Slimfit with Hidden Button Down Shirt

The Marnelli firm;

The Italian fashion brand Marnelli was founded in 1980 by the then 20 year-old Valentini Finamore Marnelli. The brand distinguishes itself through its stylish shirts with an elegant appearance in Italian design. Every season shows Marnelli see it not to feel for fashion and trends has leg lacking in the Italian company. The perfect fit slimfit fit for the Dutch one, slightly longer sleeve length (ie length sleeve 6) and elegant look of the shirts providence every season for a striking but most elegant men’s collection. Wear Marnelli shirts on washed jeans or under your suit, in both cases you get it well for the day! Marnelli is available exclusively at Newcoast Brands to Wear. FYI, many Marnelli shirts feature HBD board, also called Hidden Button Down board; under the board is still on opposite sides, but not visible a button So THAT the Board remains nicely on the shirt and not going to lie. In short there is more consideration When producing these shirts and it shows in the wear!

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